This is not a project / site dedicated to the breakup of a casual relationship. We arrived at school with established and long-term relationships, wherein our partners were not enrolled in school. The drastic changes, both geographic and day to day, became points of contention in our relationships culminating in breakups at the end of our first year of school. The aftermath of which was often more difficult to deal with than the actual breakup: jealousy, self-worth, loss of friends and maintaining the momentum into our final year of graduate school. Not to say that grad school caused the breakups but it acted as a catalyst to accelerate the inevitable. In hindsight, we are grateful to have gone through such a hard time.

- Jeff Barnett-Winsby + Breanne Trammell

We want to be very clear. This is an art piece.
We will not misrepresent you or what you write but if you would like to contribute anonymously, please disclose that with your submission. The project will consist of: a web archive, printed ephemera and other manifestations to be determined as we receive submissions.

We are interested in items that recount your relationship: stories, photographs, scanned documents, notes, ichat screen grabs, pregnancy test results, text messages, etc. Please do not send poetry / interpretive works.

Email your submission to submit@rhodeislandschoolofdivorce.com
Please include your name, school and dates attended.